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Poor Logan. He always seems to be getting into trouble. Fifth grade will be different. That is until Grandpa moves in. Grandpa is becoming more and more forgetful and Logan doesn?t want him doing embarrassing things?especially in front of his friends. He doesn?t want his parents to send Grandpa away either. Then there is Emily Scott. She?s had it in for Logan since the first day of school. She is trying to set him up so he looks like he turned ratfink on his best friend, Malik. And when Emily produces an embarrassing photo of Logan, will he really turn ?ratfink? to preserve his reputation and save Grandpa?At this rate, Ia#39;ll never earn two weeksa#39; worth of stupid smiley faces. I might as well kiss the pet idea goodbye.a€ a€œPet?a€ Grandpa asked as he sat back on the swing. The squeaking chains sounded like teeth chewing on aluminum foil.

Author:Marcia Thornton Jones
Publisher:Penguin - 2010-02-18


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