Reading and the Reference Librarian

Reading and the Reference Librarian

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Reference librarians are no longer expected to know much about the information they find; they are merely expected to find it. Technological competency rather than knowledge has become the order of the day. In many respects, reference service has become a matter of typing search terms into a library's online catalog or a web search engine and providing the patron with the results of the search. Calling for a re-intellectualization of reference librarianship, this book suggests another approach to providing quality reference service--reading. The authors surveyed both academic reference librarians and public library reference personnel in the United States and Canada about their reading habits. From the 950 responses, the authors present findings about the extent to which librarians read newspapers, periodicals, fiction and nonfiction, and recount and analyze stories about how reading has made them better librarians. The authors also report that North American professors in the humanities and social sciences believe that the best reference librarians are those who have wide-ranging, subject-based knowledge as opposed to the type of process-based, functional knowledge that is increasingly dominating the curricula of many Library and Information Science programs.How many professional librarians (full-time equivalents) work in your library providing reference service on a reg- ular basis during ... A local paper is defined as one that is published in the town/city in which you live or in the next biggest town/city from your place of residence. ... This question tries to get at the distinction between: skimming headlines; glancing at an article by reading only the first three oranbsp;...

Title:Reading and the Reference Librarian
Author:Juris Dilevko, Lisa Gottlieb
Publisher:McFarland - 2003-11-12


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