Reading Thomas Hardy: Selected Poems

Reading Thomas Hardy: Selected Poems

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Thomas Hardy is unique in English literature as a major novelist who is also a major poet. His collected poetry is among the most distinctive bodies of verse in the language, and includes such pinnacles of the lyric tradition as a€˜The Darkling Thrusha€™ and the series of haunted love-elegies written in memory of his first wife Emma and such instantly recognizable titles as a€˜Drummer Hodgea€™, a€˜A Trampwomana€™s Tragedya€™, a€˜Convergence of the Twaina€™. It is also among the most controversial. Ever since his poetry first appeared in the collection Wessex Poems in 1898, readers and critics alike have stumbled over its awkwardnesses or been seduced by its idiosyncratic music, have celebrated its unprecedented formal inventiveness or deplored its perceived lack of ambition. It has been variously read as an archetype of the Victorian intellectual odyssey, as the work of a proto-modernist, and as the fountainhead of contemporary British verse. At once traditional and modern, the acme of artifice and a conduit of intense emotion, it remains a critical enigma. This exemplary study guide seeks to set Hardya€™s poetry in the context of his life, times and literary heritage, and to understand, through a close reading of selected poems, both the challenge it offers to criticism and the elusive power it continues to exert over each new generation of readers. All his collections are introduced including Wessex Poems, Poems of the Past and Present, Timea€™s Laughingstocks, Satires of Circumstance, Moments of Vision, Late Lyrics and Earlier, Human Shows and Winter Words.friends and family had died in recent years. There are memorial poems to his mother (a#39;After the Last Breatha#39; [223], a tender psychological study of the first moments of ... the real father of Jesus.1 There are fewer a#39;philosophicala#39; poems than in Poems of the Past and the Present, among them a#39;Before Life and Aftera#39; ( 230), one ofanbsp;...

Title:Reading Thomas Hardy: Selected Poems
Author:Neil Wenborn
Publisher:Humanities-Ebooks - 2012


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