Reaffirming Rehabilitation

Reaffirming Rehabilitation

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Reaffirming Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition, brings fresh insights to one of the core works of criminal justice literature. This groundbreaking work analyzes the rehabilitative ideal within the American correctional system and discusses its relationship to and conflict with political ideologies. Many researchers and policymakers rejected the value of rehabilitation after Robert Martinson's proclamation that qnothing works.q Cullen and Gilbert's book helped stem the tide of negativism that engulfed the U.S. correctional system in the years that followed the popularization of the qnothing worksq doctrine. Now Cullen traces the social impact on U.S. corrections policy. This new edition is appropriate as a textbook in corrections courses and as recommended reading in related courses. It also serves as a resource for researchers and policymakers working in the field of corrections. The first edition continues to be used in corrections courses even though it is out of print. This new edition makes the book readily available, along with rich new content in the introduction and concluding chapter. Introduces a new generation to the ongoing clash of political agendas and research-based corrections policies. Supports critical thinking about the role of rehabilitation in our society.The actual effects of the Oregon parole guidelines on sentencing patterns are only now being studied.82 A complete ... guidelines and determinacy (e.g., Pennsylvania) or between guidelines and a primary emphasis on desert (e.g., Georgia).

Title:Reaffirming Rehabilitation
Author:Francis T. Cullen, Karen E. Gilbert
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-11-13


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