Real Law Talk

Real Law Talk

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Most people don't get arrested. As for those who do, it is often for the first time. This guidebook is for the benefit of those who need or would like an overview of the steps to the CRIMINAL prosecution PROCESS. The guide gives a MAP from the time a person is arrested until the RESOLUTION of the case. It is easy to read it has easy terms and it gets STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. It's qReal Law Talk.q The insight is based on the experience of a former police officer and now practicing attorney. The handbook is not designed to give legal advice. There are REAL LIFE illustrations, examples, and analysis so as to provide realistic insight. The GOAL of this guide is to EASE THE MIND of those of you who have added discomfort in being arrested for the first time because of the qI don't know what to expect syndromeq of the criminal case. I hope it helps.Your First Arrest What Will Happen Next? ... In most instances the first timer will be charged with a misdemeanor charge or multiple misdemeanor charges. ... Sometimes for the first time offender the law provides an opportunity that will be favorable for the opportunity for dismissal or even a clean record. ... IN OTHER CASES, the circumstances are such that the best possible scenario is to stay out of jail.

Title:Real Law Talk
Author:Eldridge Suggs
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011


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