Real-Time PCR

Real-Time PCR

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With a variety of detection chemistries, an increasing number of platforms, multiple choices for analytical methods and the jargon emerging along with these developments, real-time PCR is facing the risk of becoming an intimidating method, especially for beginners. Real-time PCR provides the basics, explains how they are exploited to run a real-time PCR assay, how the assays are run and where these assays are informative in real life. It addresses the most practical aspects of the techniques with the emphasis on 'how to do it in the laboratory'. Keeping with the spirit of the Advanced Methods Series, most chapters provide an experimental protocol as an example of a specific assay.They work well for PCR but cannot cleave hydrolysis probes. Molecular beacons are similar to TaqManAr probes in that they are labeled on each end with reporter and quencher moieties and, like TaqManAr probes, their Tm is higher than theanbsp;...

Title:Real-Time PCR
Author:M Tevfik Dorak
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2007-01-24


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