Real World ASP.NET

Real World ASP.NET

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Real World ASP.NET: Building a Content Management System provides web developers with a cost-effective way to develop a content management system within Microsoft's .NET Framework. Unlike other .NET books on ASP.NET that teach technologies on a piecemeal basis, this book explains the underlying technologies and also shows how they are integrated into a complete ASP.NET application suitable for many organizations. Complete source code written in C# and ASP.NET is included, which will enable web developers to create a dynamic content site at a fraction of the cost of a commercial solution. You will learn about the following: Content management system: This system used to manage the content of a website consists of the content management, metacontent management, and content delivery applications. C# and ASP.NET: These underlying technologies are introduced and then applied extensively. ADO.NET: All aspects relevant to dynamic content management are covered. XML: Extensible Markup Language (XML) is introduced and then applied in the programmatic updating of the config.web file. Authentication, authorization, and encryption: These topics are discussed in the book, especially with regard to protected content and system administration. Personalization: Many key technologies are used to make the CMS solution truly user-friendly. Real-World ASP.NET: Building a Content Management System is the complete hands-on guide to mastering the art of content management systems and website development using the .NET Framework.... implementing, 433-434 content repository CMS and, 21 declaring and loading, 123-124 filling drop-down list from, 124-126 Content Web page Codebehind, ... NET, 147 inserting data using stored procedure, 165-178 locating Visual Studio .

Title:Real World ASP.NET
Author:Stephen R. G. Fraser
Publisher:Apress - 2002-04-01


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