Real World Multicore Embedded Systems

Real World Multicore Embedded Systems

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This Expert Guide gives you the techniques and technologies in embedded multicore to optimally design and implement your embedded system. Written by experts with a solutions focus, this encyclopedic reference gives you an indispensable aid to tackling the day-to-day problems when building and managing multicore embedded systems. Following an embedded system design path from start to finish, our team of experts takes you from architecture, through hardware implementation to software programming and debug. With this book you will learn: a€c What motivates multicore a€c The architectural options and tradeoffs; when to use what a€c How to deal with the unique hardware challenges that multicore presents a€c How to manage the software infrastructure in a multicore environment a€c How to write effective multicore programs a€c How to port legacy code into a multicore system and partition legacy software a€c How to optimize both the system and software a€c The particular challenges of debugging multicore hardware and software Examples demonstrating timeless implementation details Proven and practical techniques reflecting the authorsa€™ expertise built from years of experience and key advice on tackling critical issuesapproaches such as test-and-set or compare-and-swap, and speculatively atomic operation pairs such as load-reserved/store-conditional. Regardless of which semantics an architecture provides, the underlying principle is the ability toanbsp;...

Title:Real World Multicore Embedded Systems
Author:Bryon Moyer
Publisher:Newnes - 2013-02-27


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