Real World Whitetail Behavior

Real World Whitetail Behavior

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Taking the controversial approach that deer hunting has become more of a qsocial eventq than an affirmation of the more basic human need to subsist in the wild, Jim Roy proposes a simple, common sense method of stalking the whitetail that he calls qsurvival hunting.q Some of the mysteries and myths concerning the whitetail can best be unraveled by observing the natural movements of the herd-not the more unnatural movements caused by pressure from humans or dogs. Roy breaks the deer herd down into its natural family groups, such as parental does with fawns, lone bucks, and single does of various ages, tracking their movements to and from their bedding areas based on such natural influences as wind direction and angle of sunlight. Based on over twenty years of observation at the Smithsonian Institute's Environmental Research Center on Chesapeake Bay, this revised edition of a classic will be welcomed by hunters and wildlife watchers alike.At least two days before you go hunting, do not use any soaps, shampoos, underarm deodorants, toothpaste, after~ shaves, ... clean water will generally remove any dirt and odor from your extemal body, and leave it smelling clean and natural.

Title:Real World Whitetail Behavior
Author:Jim Roy
Publisher:Derrydale Press - 2003-03-03


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