] reboot [ poetry

] reboot [ poetry

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bg]reboot[ poetry: HIGHLIGHTS: qThe first step we took was in defiance of whom, they said, we had to be And who, they said, we wereq - qHow We Get Byq qPennies on the pound, you cashed in And pennies into the pond, you bet on a wish, a wonder ifq - qReboot, title poemq ?When they told us we were ignorant, stupid, and then cast us aside We chose to be smart, our own leaders, influencers? - qHow We Get Byq qCurrent, please carry me forth, to a warmer sea, smoothly Pull me from the shore, and the shore away from meq - qSink Into the Seaq qNever a moment to hold, but for the one I am living Using for some good, and losing as I nonetheless wouldq - qNever a Moment to Holdq qFrom these games I must resign, and reality, I must face mine Armed with the ability to realize in timeq - qRealizeq qWisdom winds around and loops on through But the wise follow the illogic of life, for life is the circumstances we see But it is not often truly what it appears to beq - qIllogic of LifeqPoem #256: May 13th 2010 Chad Chase, Age 18 Notes: describing what was a perfect night 10pm is after the sun set ... line the soccer field Under a sky of vivid sunless blue Cirrocumulus clouds suspended above Sporadically blanketing the anbsp;...

Title:] reboot [ poetry
Author:Chad Chase
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-05


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