Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing V

Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing V

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This volume brings together revised versions of a selection of papers presented at the Sixth International Conference on a€œRecent Advances in Natural Language Processinga€ (RANLP) held in Borovets, Bulgaria, 27a€“29 September 2007. These papers cover a wide variety of Natural Language Processing (NLP) topics: ontologies, named entity extraction, translation and transliteration, morphology (derivational and inflectional), part-of-speech tagging, parsing (incremental processing, dependency parsing), semantic role labeling, word sense disambiguation, temporal representations, inference and metaphor, semantic similarity, coreference resolution, clustering (topic modeling, topic tracking), summarization, cross-lingual retrieval, lexical and syntactic resources, multi-modal processing. The aim of this volume is to present new results in NLP based on modern theories and methodologies, making it of interest to researchers in NLP and, more specifically, to those who work in Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, and Machine Translation.... nor even of conceptual a€œobjectsa€ that can be equated to non-conceptual objects , in the way automobilea€”agt;Forda€”agt;Mustang can be ... 1996, Hovy 1998, Hovy aamp; Nirenburg 1992) in trying to get agreed relationships between very abstract English terms at these highest levels. ... put into hierarchical relations, thus avoiding the a€œtop levela€ problem, and that of the single node under which everything falls.

Title:Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing V
Author:Nicolas Nicolov, Galia Angelova, Ruslan Mitkov
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing - 2009-10-22


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