Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon

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A young high school teacher in Californiaa€™s East Bay, Erik Walker always knew there was something more to life. Hea€™s not much of an athlete and cana€™t bring himself to express his true feelings for the girl he wants most. Until one day, it all starts to change. Dreams and visions invade his thoughts. Day after day the visitations into his psyche become stronger and more prolific. Erik has been chosen by the old gods of the North to awaken the folk spirit and unite the ancestral lines. As the days go by Erik becomes stronger, both physically and mentally. A spiritual awakening has ignited within him; each day presents a new cascading of events. He discovers the inspiration of the divine mead of poetry, which allows him to obtain his love, Tammy. His life turns for the better until Loki, a mischievous god, tries to kill him. Through this, Erik returns stronger than ever and begins his crusade throughout the country. The effects are seen around the world.There, Odin stood, continuing to gaze into the well, studying every scene it showed. ... I know that the seat that Erik Walker will take will not fill Valhalla. ... The power that the Midgarders held in their hearts paralleled the vibrancy of the gods.

Title:Reckless Abandon
Author:Grant Patrick Smith
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2003-06-06


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