Reckless Disregard

Reckless Disregard

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In the Cold War days that followed World War II, the United States began to develop the most advanced and interconnected intelligence system the world had ever seen: ECHELON. By the 1990s it was eavesdropping in on every phone and email conversation in the world. By the turn of the century it had gained the ability to cripple entire countries via the Internet. And now, someone has taken control of that system. Now, a small team led by a college professor and an outdoors survivalist must travel through Americaas heartland trying to stay one step ahead of death as they close in on a quarry that can see out of every video camera in the world and listen through every cell phone and microphone they come in contact with. Can they achieve their mission, or will they die trying?The observer got a lucky break when the very last car Jael had taken was a Chevrolet 2001 Impala equipped with On-Star. ... The main problem the Observer faced now was the lack of resources in the region with which to ascertain what Jaelanbsp;...

Title:Reckless Disregard
Author:Jim G. Payne
Publisher:Jim G Payne - 2009-04


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