Reconsidering Roosevelt on Race

Reconsidering Roosevelt on Race

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Many have questioned FDR's record on race, suggesting that he had the opportunity but not the will to advance the civil rights of African Americans. Kevin J. McMahon challenges this view, arguing instead that Roosevelt's administration played a crucial role in the Supreme Court's increasing commitment to racial equalitya€”which culminated in its landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education. McMahon shows how FDR's attempt to strengthen the presidency and undermine the power of conservative Southern Democrats dovetailed with his efforts to seek racial equality through the federal courts. By appointing a majority of rights-based liberals deferential to presidential power, Roosevelt ensured that the Supreme Court would be receptive to civil rights claims, especially when those claims had the support of the executive branch.Vision. and. the. Defeat. of. the. Court-Packing. Plan. The Modern Presidency and the Enemies of Institutional Reform ... it has become commona€”far too commona€” forscholars to tell the tale of the Court-packing conflict as a battle lost in a waranbsp;...

Title:Reconsidering Roosevelt on Race
Author:Kevin J. McMahon
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2010-02-15


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