Recording Tips for Engineers

Recording Tips for Engineers

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Get ahead in the business - be the engineer everyone wants to hire - achieve success with the very best recordings. Tim Crich's bestselling Recording Tips for Engineers provides the knowledge you need to rise to the top. From years of experience working with big name rock stars, Tim Crich shares his expertise and gives you all the essential insider tips and short cuts. Great for engineers of all levels, this guide is packed with simple and practical advice using real life studio situations. The bulleted lists and clear illustrations will save you valuable time and allow for fast in session reference. Includes: * Tips on proper microphone choice, setup and placement * Full sections on equalization and compression methods * Guidance on recording drums, guitars and vocals * Advice on creating professional mixes * Best ways to take control of your recording environmentWhen the player wants a louder track in his headphones, he just has to turn it up. ... Bands rehearse without headphones all the time, so all of a sudden forcing a player to wear headphones might make him uncomfortable. To get the bestanbsp;...

Title:Recording Tips for Engineers
Author:Tim Crich
Publisher:CRC Press - 2005-04-02


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