Red Flags

Red Flags

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The author's knack for writing natural conversational dialogue makes reading easy and pleasurable. Average Americans battling with their own daily struggles find themselves in the middle of a terrorist plot to poison their local water supply. Set in a small town in the south, the battle could take place anywhere in America. Relate and feel empathy for characters as they draw from their own life experiences in an effort to save themselves. Extreme faith from one could save all if they trust, as he does, in the belief that good will always overcome evil. An ordinary day in the lives of the characters is suddenly filled with extraordinary circumstances. With numbing fear ever present, bravery surfaces in life and death situations from normally uncourageous people. The events are not only feasible with today's threat of terrorist attack but similar scenarios are probable. Complacent, needing a major break to keep his house of cards from falling, in romance and finance, John prays for guidance, but would not have chosen the path that opens for him.It was a narrow miss, and this time the remote landed in his lap, man if I had another coat of chrome on that bumper it would have been a hell of a wreck. ... They were fishing for the door lock button with a straightened out coat hanger. ... When I started to unlock the door to the office, I realized, I had looked my keys in my car.

Title:Red Flags
Author:Greg Hopkins Sr
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-11


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