Red Hat Linux Network toolkit

Red Hat Linux Network toolkit

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Red Hat A½ Linux A½ Network Toolkit, 2nd Edition Now updated and expanded with new information on firewalls, Samba, Arkeia, and more, this acclaimed guide gives you all the tools and techniques you need to implement a robust, reliable Linux network. From setting up Samba and e-mail servers to creating firewalls and automated backups, author Paul Sery demystifies the design, configuration, and administration of a Linux network - and shows you step-by-step how to build a secure, cost-effective system for your organization. Working Linux Solutions for Network Challenges: Set up a simple client-server network, from installation to troubleshooting Understand how Linux works and explore configuration options Harness the power of Samba to share resources and expand network functionality Connect your network to the Internet - and evaluate today's broadband options Extend network services with DNS, NFS, NIS, and e-mail servers Get up to speed on system administration basics, from managing accounts to scripting Use Arkeia to automate network backups - and save time and trouble Build firewalls and add active security measures to keep your server and network safe 2 CD-ROMs with Red Hat Linux 6.1, including: ApplixWare office suite demo Arkeia automated network backup system demo (30-day trial) Firewall scripts (ipchains) Diald networking scripts DNS (Domain Name Server) scripts E-mail server configuration Plus bonus CD-ROM chapters on Linux resources www.idgbooks.comThe following instructions guide you through the process of installing NFS on your Linux file and printer server chi vas. Your server will be capable of exporting NFS to other Linux computers on your network. NFS uses Remote Proceedure Calanbsp;...

Title:Red Hat Linux Network toolkit
Author:Paul G. Sery
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc - 2000-07-31


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