Red Ink

Red Ink

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When onetime dissident journalist Nikolai Katkov is tipped off to the murder of a highly placed government official, he doesna€™t count on the trail twisting into the lurid world of Moscow mafia casino-owner Arkady Barkhin. After Katkova€™s relentless digging almost gets him gunned down, he receives an unexpected appeal for help from the striking Gabby Scotto, a US Treasury special agent. She has been tracking laundered money flowing out of the USa€”an investigation that has led to Barkhina€™s casino and a similar dead end. But then Katkov obtains a sensitive government document that could shatter Russiaa€™s fragile and newly free economya€”and join Scotto in Washington to pick up the trail. Katkova€™s tenaciousness in pursuit of a story has been honed by decades of KGB harassment, and his survival instinctsa€”notwithstanding a penchant for vodka and American cigarettesa€”by a few hard years in the Gulag. He senses a kindred spirit in the vivacious Broolynite whose bravado is matched by her investigative savvya€”and who leaps at the chance to lead some down-and-dirty field work. Scotto has doubts about sharing privileged information with a journalist, but they are squelched when Katkov makes a critical discovery about a shipping container heading south on I-95a€”one that they suspect is filled with $2 billion badly in need of laundering. As Katkov and Scottoa€™s pursuit races from freeways to freight cars, from Baltimore to Miami, they are shadowed by American entrepreneur Michael Rubineau, a man intent upon seeing the container safely to its ultimate destination. A frequent VIP guest at Arkady Barkhina€™s Moscow nightclub, Rubineau has devised a scheme of stunning brilliance and unprecedented greed and venality. But as Scotto prepares to take him down, and Katkov composes his front-page headlines, theya€™re forced into a gambit of extreme peril. Heading into the last outpost of communism, Katkov is about to discover that love of country and lust for money can crumble even the fiercest loyalties . . .Along driveway leads to a turnaroundlarge enough to accommodate tractortrailers.Ita#39;s blocked bya wooden barricade, but Ia#39;m closeenough toseethe eighteenwheeler backedup tooneofthe loading docks. The steel shutter ... Iresist the temptation to floor it and drive offslowly instead. Okay, Katkov. Youa#39;ve ... Like therest ofHavana, Meyer Lanskya#39;s oncegrand gaming palaceis in desperate needof repair.

Title:Red Ink
Author:Greg Dinallo
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-07-01


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