Red Zen

Red Zen

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Saul Summerblend has a bizarre memory problem. And his Zen master, Bodhee, says he should travel to the dwarf planet Ceres to fix it. Along the way Saul meets a thirty-foot magic square whose diagonals and rows sum to 666, encounters a group of drunken Vikings and evil dwarves, works some campy mathematics and overhears amusing CB radio conversations, fights a visionary with a penchant for wrestling masks and flipping off cars all day on main street, invents neologisms like deemkrite and freeganidge. He also learns of a mystical book called 'Red Zen: Way of the Butterfly' and attempts to solve a few koans about kangaroos, split toe nails, and carts filled with hatchets. Will Saul fix his strange memory problem? Will he even make it back to Earth alive?He tried to be patient, watching the dirty man as he had his vision on the ground. Finally the seer stood back ... I can levitate and do back flips and even heal people simply by touching their mangled-up body parts. Or I can cure their diseasesanbsp;...

Title:Red Zen
Author:Jason Earls - 2007-05-01


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