Redeeming the Time-With My Husband

Redeeming the Time-With My Husband

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Do you wish you could grab the remote control of your marriage and punch the stop button? Then would you like to hit rewind and start the day over again? Do you long for the romance and intimacy you shared during your courtship and honeymoon? Most women today long for a more meaningful relationship with their husbands. In Redeeming the Time With My Husband, you will discover not only what God intends for marriage to be, but also a step-by-step plan to help you redeem all those wasted opportunities in your marriage. a€œWhat a blessing your articles have been to our readers. We start featuring the series, Redeeming the Time With My Husband, this week. I'm reading the book right now, and it's really opening my eyes. I'm starting to look at my husband in another light a€b more similar to the one in which I saw him in the early years!a€ MIA CRONAN a€“ Senior Editor, MainstreetMom.comencourage him as much as it does you when he tells you, a€œI dona#39;t know howIa#39;d get alongwithout you.a€ Because of todaya#39;s ... If he is especially good with your children, tell him how much you love to watch himplay withthe children. If heis not shyanbsp;...

Title:Redeeming the Time-With My Husband
Author:Edwina Patterson
Publisher:Redeeming The Time -


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