Redwood Nation

Redwood Nation

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Atop the trees in the redwood national forest lives one of three clans to survive the zomb infestation that took place two generations ago. Things have been relaxed, and while there are rumors of a human threat that hides among the zombs on the ground floor Sam knows nothing could happen to his community. So why then hasn't anyone heard from the other two clans in nearly a month? This is the first of the Nation trilogy to be released. Damned Nation will be the second book and should be in production by the middle of 2015. *Important note* This book contains mature language and is not intended for audiences under the age of fifteen. Thank you for your understanding.Stephen had put him in charge of making the decision and Sam thought that Jacob still stood a chance. Jacob still had an appetite, and while ... as a bell ringing in Sama#39;s ears. a€œHave you even stopped to look at the sad sack of a human being?

Title:Redwood Nation
Author:Casey Horan - 2014-07-23


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