Reflections on the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis

Reflections on the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis

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The euro was generally considered a success in its first decade. Nevertheless, the a€œunanticipateda€ financial crisis in the summer of 2007 has developed gradually into the worst global economic crisis in post-war economic history and a sovereign debt crisis, calling into question the endurance of positive externalities under the current form of European economic integration. The experience of double-dip recessions in the core of the euro-area and the occurrence of a deflationary spiral in its southern periphery brings into question the wisdom of fiscal consolidation via austerity in the adjustment programmes adopted to exit the crisis. They also put into doubt the adequacy and efficiency of the European Economic and Monetary Uniona€™s core elements, its political instruments and macroeconomic assumptions, as can be seen in the role of the Stability and Growth Pact and the stance of the European Central Bank. The title of this collective volume refers to the country where the European sovereign debt crisis began, while its contents concentrate on the extent to which this crisis should be a national or a European concern. Moreover, the focus on Greece stimulates discussion about the neglected factor of the shadow economy and the potential to boost government revenue through its successful transfer to the formal economy. The chapters address the inefficiencies of both euro-area institutions and policies adopted to exit the current predicament. Experts from several disciplines review the literature and critically evaluate the existence of issues such as contagion effects, domino effects, deflationary spirals, institutional efficiency and the reality of the option to exit the euro-area.Is the a#39;Euro Bonda#39; the answer to the euro sovereign debt crisis? ... Does staffing affect the time to dispose cases in Greek courts? ... Economic and social turbulence in Greece: The product markets are a no-brainer, the labour market is not.

Title:Reflections on the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis
Author:Aristidis Bitzenis, Ioannis Papadopoulos, Vasileios A. Vlachos
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2014-09-26


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