Reigning In His Power

Reigning In His Power

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Understanding the power of the Holy Spirit is the key to taking the Christian faith from the church pew into your daily walk. Jane Boston is a living example that Goda€™s ways lead to success, peace, and results. Author and speaker Jane Boston has built a million-dollar national company for medical rehabilitation personnel by accessing the power of the Holy Spirit. Her account of trusting God through the birth trauma of her only child raised her faith to a higher level and will open your eyes to how real God is around you. Are you seeking to accept the life the Bible promises of peace, prosperity, and perfection in Goda€™s plan for you? Then Reigning in His Power is the perfect Bible study for you! This study will answer the following questions for you: a€c How do I find Goda€™s perfect will for me? a€c What are the means God uses to speak to us? a€c What are the three Ca€™s to knowing when God has directed me to act or wait? a€c How do I pray effectively and efficiently? a€c What can I do to live more peacefully and stress-free? Growing these skills will take your Christian faith to the next level and change your life! This mastery will put you on a path to living out Goda€™s purpose and unique plan for you. And in time, your success, with amazing results, will speak for itself! A new life awaits you ... www.motivationsministries.orgA study on how to REIN in the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT IN YOUR DAILY WALK Jane Boston ... This is the portion of our faith that was meant to move our thoughts directly in line with what God wanted us to do. How do you rein in the power of the Holy Spirit? This book ... In just three years, without obvious funding, this would become a million-dollar business by walking it out Goda#39;s way. God reigns.

Title:Reigning In His Power
Author:Jane Boston
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2011-02-21


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