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After years studying remarkable companies and speaking to some of the most influential leaders around, Tim Manners has discovered a solution to the marketing woes of many brands. Stop worrying about demographics, fads, and cutting-edge advertising. Instead, focus on relevance. Manners shares how the best of the best create solutions to their customersa€™ problems and help them live happier lives. Youa€™ll learn how: Levia€™s reasserted relevance when it created wardrobe solutions for men. Dunkina€™ Donuts stopped trying to mimic the look and feel of Starbucks and found success by delivering a simple, quick cup of joe. Hasbro reinvented board games for todaya€™s time-pressed consumers. Kleenexa€™s new germ-fighting tissues helped keep the company relevant by turning a useful product into a necessary one. Staples stopped wasting its shoppersa€™ time with extraneous products. Nintendoa€™s simple design for the Wii appealed to consumers of all ages and game designers alike, allowing it to outsell its competitors. The path to sustainable growth for your brand begins with designing meaningful solutions and providing them when and where people need them most. Relevance will teach you how to becomea€”and remaina€”indispensable.It was also more fuel efficient: The $3.65 million Hondajet used aquot;about 22 percent less fuel than the Citation, flying, ... If Honda had done it the same way and did not learn all the skills and technologies involved from scratch, we couldna#39;t haveanbsp;...

Author:Tim Manners
Publisher:Penguin - 2008-09-18


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