Remedies, Potions and Razzmatazz

Remedies, Potions and Razzmatazz

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A marvelous yet humorous collection of the way things were done during the turn of the century. Selected from the 1891 edition of The People's Cyclopedia of Universal Knowledge. How to dress for the kitchen, clean a house, clean cellars, make an aeolian harp, remove stumps, sharpen files, care for babies, take baths, lose weight, gain weight, cure drunkenness, cure baldness, what to eat a drink, wedding etiquette, flirtation with gloves, ladies luncheons, household hints, more than 125 remedies, nearly 50 parlor games, 80 recipes for cleaners, 15 for perfumes, greater than 100 household medicines - a on a on it goes.Get as thick a string as you can for one side, and a thin one for the other; then graduate them from the thick to the thin, so as not to have ... of wounding the susceptibilities of some of her acquaintances by leaving them out of her invitations list.

Title:Remedies, Potions and Razzmatazz
Author:Don Roberts
Publisher:Focus Books - 1991


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