Remembering Recipes

Remembering Recipes

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My recollections of the first time I entered the spacious, bustling kitchen of Villa Joe's restaurant brings me back a long stretch of years. I was twenty years old when I stepped into the dynamic heart of the restaurant. I was simply dazzled by the abundance of food, cooked and uncooked, in escalating stages of preparation, all being assembled, concocted, confected into forms creatively visual and delectable. As a promising fashion designer I was enthralled by the scene so artistic in my eyes. I saw a palette of colors, the modeling of textures and contours as if designed and draped at a couturier's studio. I had a sixth sense I would like to be a part of this activity. My husband Frank's mother was busy at the antipasto table sorting salad greens, chicory and arugula. Frank introduced me to her. I said, qHello, may I help you?q You may find yourself matching recipes with the lighthearted fables in my husband's memoir, A Remembrance of a Restaurant; A Decameron of Dining, or his other works, Under Blue Skies of Naples, Chez Dogs, and Naples of Salvatore DiGiacomo, which might grant a realized recipe added piquancy. For your convenience I have charted correspondences on the last page.Do not throw away the sherry that the shrimps and scallops were marinated in. You use this to baste the shrimps while they are being broiled later. After you have breaded the shrimps and scallops, place them alternating them on the skewers.

Title:Remembering Recipes
Author:Irene Palescandolo, Frank Palescandolo
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-01-01


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