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Remission:1. pardon; forgiveness2. release from a debt, tax, etc.3. an abating, as of heat or painJohn Lumac is in remission. He is recovering from cancer.Dante Coalson is in remission. He has recently been released from jail.a€œWell, looks like somebodya#39;s getting ready to make a little home grown, a€ said Gardner. ... Dante had on a suit and tie, glad to be dried outa€”finallya€” Gardner had made him sit around for hours last night in his cold, wet clothes, before finding a set of ... Steve had worked the ... Lonnie Peterson lived in Lexington, Harvey Kensett in Thomasville, Bill Jernigan in Welcome, and Mary French in Denton. ... In either case, there were never any cellphone records tying any of the group to another.

Author:Jack Teeter
Publisher:BabyBoomer Author Storefront - 2009-01-20


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