Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage

Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage

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Scientist and engineers working in the field renewable energy must overcome the challenges of conversion, transmission and storage before it can replace more traditional power sources such as oil and gas. In this book, Bent Sorenson provides strategies for the efficient conversion, transmission and storage of all forms of renewable energy. The book provides the reader with a complete background on how renewable energy is transformed into power and the best methods for transmitting and storing the energy produced. Specific to this book is a discussion of conversion processes and storage methods for: geothermal energy, biological and liquid fuels, wave energy, and photovoltaic. In addition the book will cover renewable energy conversions for powering small electrics, as well as battery applications for portable power, and energy bands in semiconductors. *Energy conversion methods for all types of renewable energy *Energy conversion and storage for small *Electronics portable power *Battery applications for portable power *Energy bands and semiconductorsHowever, diesel oil can be mixed with other biofuels without problems, e.g. the plant oils (rapeseed oil, etc.) ... potential is greatly enlarged, as some 90% of harvested biomass does not end up as food (SAcrensen, 2002b). ... Most of the enzymes would be recycled, but some might escape with wastewater or residues.

Title:Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage
Author:Bent Sorensen
Publisher:Academic Press - 2007-12-31


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