Repair Proteins in Meiosis

Repair Proteins in Meiosis

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This volume offers an extensive array of reviews on the roles of DNA repair proteins in meiotic recombination. The use of various organisms serves to underscore the marked degree of conservation of these processes among sexually reproducing organisms, but also highlights more subtle species-specific adaptations to meiotic recombination. Contributed by leaders in the field, each chapter reflects the current state of their research and also provides a forum for new ideas and concepts in meiotic recombination. By focussing on different pathways involved in meiosis and recombination, this volume highlights the complexity of these processes and demonstrates how much has been learned in recent years as a result of the multiple approaches to studying these events in various model organisms. Geneticists, cytogeneticists, developmental biologists, and those involved in research on infertility and germ cell biology will find much to interest them in this outstanding collection of reviews.There is genetic evidence that at least a subset of Msh4/Msh5-dependent crossovers are specified by inhibiting ... effects on crossover frequencies ( Khazanehdari and Borts, 2000; de los Santos et al., 2001, 2003; Novak et al., 2001; Hoffmann, 2002; Abdullah et al., 2004). ... Although, MutS binds DNA as a dimer, only one of the subunits contacts the mismatch (Lamers et al., 2000; Oblomova et al., 2000).

Title:Repair Proteins in Meiosis
Author:Paula E. Cohen
Publisher:S Karger Ag - 2004-01-01


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