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Karela€™s project had incubated a trend in music which became known as a€œRock `na€™ Rolla€. The project had now returned to claim his life. There is truth to the saying that your entire life flashes in front of you at the moment of your death. Karela€™s exploding brain could only manage the last few years. Flashing before him was how a small brave handful of talented musicians had been able to slow down a lethal drug virus and the great war machine of the United States of America that was infecting the world with its search for power and control. Karel died satisfied with his life. This story begins two years prior to the firing of the bullet that ended Karela€™s career with the CIA.At the end of a short exchange of pleasantries, Frank had informed him that his dad had a fiiend coming over and would send a telex the following day. Michael squeezed his way through the crowd and entered the 47 CHAPTER SEVEN.

Author:Randall Haskin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-03-01


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