Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace

Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace

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Employees who may worry about the effect of their workplaces on their health often don't know how to find out about the safety of their workplaces and possible health and reproductive hazards. Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace aids working women in making important decisions about pregnancy and job-related health problems. It gives women a standard for judging their work situations, shows how they might improve them, and, armed with increased knowledge, how they might seek to improve working conditions for all pregnant women. To enable women to take action, Regina Kenen's straightforward book features: lists of pertinent questions to ask when looking for information regarding risks and hazards information on relevant legislation actual cases of pregnant women in the workplace and how they dealt with occupational risks lists of regulatory agencies, governmental, legal, medical, and voluntary agencies providing information and services regarding environmental health suggestions for small, individual, and larger group social action activities Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace will help women understand the health risks present at their workplaces and to reduce those occupational risks for the pregnant worker and, consequently, encourage all women, pregnant or not, to protect their occupational health and safety. This book provides a combination of technical , physical, psychological, and social materials and a€œhow toa€ suggestions (guidelines for judging risks and hazards and social action suggestions). Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace is ideal for pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant in the near future who are now in the workplace and who are concerned about health risks. Union stewards, occupational health and women's health specialists, and personnel department officers of corporations may also find this timely book to be of assistance in planning programs for improved occupational health.Regina Kenen 67 YOUR BODY CHANGES IN PREGNANCY Your first step in improving your comfort at work is to understand the biological changes in your body ... In early pregnancy, fatigue and nausea often affect comfort and efficiency.

Title:Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace
Author:Regina Kenen
Publisher:Psychology Press - 1993-01-01


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