Requiem to a Republic

Requiem to a Republic

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A refreshing depiction of America as seen through the eyes of a young Midwesterner, Carl Steiner, and how he views school, girls, religion, the Army, and growing up in a traumatic time. The story begins with America's entry into World War II, and covers the world, as Carl sees it, up to and including the presidential tenure of Bill Clinton. Carl views these events as a man who represents a diminishing group of American citizens, who always put America first, last, and always. They understand America's founders' gift, a unique Republic unduplicated anywhere, based on the individual's freedom, and the freedom of the market place. The story relates how, over a short period of years, the fabric of the Republic has been rent and torn by greedy, election-at-all-costs politicians, and their news media, labor and big business handlers; by an increasing population of un-caring and un-knowing, kept voters, who have no conception of what their freedoms are and that they are voting them away; and by self-styled elites, who think they know better how you should live and think, and what is in your best interest. These elites have taken over and occupied American schools, foundations and bureaucracies. Carl finds at crucial moments in our history some Americans provide that spark, that courage, and that individualism, which gives us a safety net for the Republic, even as she is licking her wounds.That was exactly what happened, and the following night the lawyer and Carl did talk. ... A misdemeanor would not affect his record in the future. ... He said, a€œStay on the line. Ia#39;m going ... You got yourself and your family into a situation that you cannot seem to get out of, and it seems to be getting worse and worse. ... The deal would leave you with just a conviction of a simple misdemeanor with a $100 fine.

Title:Requiem to a Republic
Author:Ronald Runge
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-03-01


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