Research Companion to the Dysfunctional Workplace

Research Companion to the Dysfunctional Workplace

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A work exposing and exploring the phenomena of the dysfunctional workplace is long overdue. This fascinating book does just that, uncovering the subversiveness, counter-productive behaviour and unspoken issues that managers struggle with on a daily basis. This Companion not only explores organizational dysfunction as it concerns individuals, it also examines broader issues of dysfunction and its effects with regards teams, managers and organizational systems. Lively discussion encompasses the symptoms of distress, illness, absenteeism, and inefficiency that point towards behavioural disorders and system-wide malfunction. From personality disorders to wars over territory , the book chronicles and reveals the true nature of often hidden workplace problems including bullying, unethical behaviour, loss of trust, organizational deviance, cowardice, workaholism, negative humour and emotions, personality disorders, mismanagement, and malfunctioning performance and selection systems. So what can be done? Practical solutions to these dysfunctional phenomena are presented by international experts from a range of disciplinary backgrounds including management, psychology and economics. This fascinating, highly original book will be of enormous interest to students, researchers, academics and practitioners across all sectors of business and management, human resource management in not. want. to. give. or. receive. performance. feedback. Jeanette N. Cleveland, Audrey S. Lim and Kevin R. Murphy Performance ... Performance appraisal and feedback systems in most organizations often rest upon three assumptions: (1) ... organizations and situations that can lead to the success or failure of performance appraisal and feedback systems. In particular, we examine factors that influence the likelihood that supervisors and subordinates will be willing or unwilling toanbsp;...

Title:Research Companion to the Dysfunctional Workplace
Author:Janice Langan-Fox, Cary L. Cooper, Richard J. Klimoski
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2007


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