Research on Dolphins

Research on Dolphins

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Although anatomical investigations of dolphins have been conducted for hundreds of years, it is only relatively recently that detailed physiological experiments have been possible. The twenty-one essays in this collection, written by scientists, veterinarians, and curators with extensive experience with dolphins, provide an in-depth review of the most recent research on both captive and free-living dolphins. The contributors consider the anatomy and physiology of the dolphin, dolphin brain size and cortical organization, dolphin maintenance in captivity, diet, acoustic faculty, and the causes of occasional mass stranding. This volume contains information essential to researchers involved in raising dolphins in captivity as well as to anyone interested in dolphin conservation.In Tursiops, Orcinus, and Delphinus, brain weight at birth appears to be about half that of the adult. Table 4.2 gives data on brain weight in neonatal Tursiops, Orcinus, and Delphinus. These can be compared with average measures for adultsanbsp;...

Title:Research on Dolphins
Author:Michael M. Bryden, Richard John Harrison
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1986


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