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David Marshall is bored and annoyed. He's been bored and annoyed for ages. Everyone thinks he is living a middle class dream. No one has any idea that he isn't happy, or that he is full of hatred. People are parasites. Life isn't fair. Idiots go about their selfish and thoughtless lives and get away with it. One of David's friends has an accident and injures his brain, leaving him with an inability to lie. David watches his friend's life crumble around him as his inability to lie gradually alienates everyone. David is appalled that honesty has such severe consequences in modern society and decides it is time to do something about it. David exposes the liars and the cheats, and makes them face the consequences of their lives and their choices, but with traumatic consequences of his own. A story of obsession and the selfish foundation of human existence.I wasna#39;t sure that the information about her breast implants was common knowledge. ... I know it is unlocked because I got lost in the basement looking for a meeting room, and stumbled upon the loudspeaker room. My plan was simple. I was going to expose her secret over the loudspeaker and make sure everyone in the company knew about her vain secret. ... sentence into my pc to record the computer generated voice; a€œCallcentre manager Alison Lovedaya#39;s breasts are not real.

Author:Alex Cole - 2008-07


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