Respiratory Physiology of Newborn Mammals

Respiratory Physiology of Newborn Mammals

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Respiratory Physiology of Newborn Mammals: A Comparative Perspective emphasizes common trends among mammalian species in an effort to extract general rules about both the structure and the mechanisms of neonatal respiration. Jacopo P. Mortola outlines the key aspects of developmental respiratory physiology in the perinatal period. Based on what is learned from interspecies comparisons, Mortola addresses the question of how pulmonary ventilation fulfills the metabolic requirements of the newborn infant. Exceptions to the rules illuminate adaptations to particular tasks or conditions. Each chapter concludes with interspecies comparisons and clinical implications for the medically or zoologically oriented reader. The combination of developmental and comparative perspectives offers an original contribution to the field of developmental physiology. The book is divided into five chapters: qGestation and Birth, q Metabolic and Ventilatory Requirements, q qMechanical Behavior of the Respiratory Pump, q qReflex Control of the Breathing Pattern, q and qChanges in Temperature and Respiratory Gases.q It will be of value to researchers, clinicians, and students interested in developmental physiology, comparative biology, and zoology, as well as neonatalogists and pediatric pulmonologists who are interested in alternative perspectives on current clinical practice. -- W. Alan Hodson, M.D., University of Washington Medical CenterAlveolar size changes little among species, and the direct proportionality between lung volume and body size is due primarily to differences in the number of alveoli. Both lung compliance and respiratory system compliance scale in direct proportion to body weight, whether or not data ... This does not exclude the possibility of muscle fatigue in cases of a severe and prolonged increase in respiratory work, anbsp;...

Title:Respiratory Physiology of Newborn Mammals
Author:Jacopo P. Mortola
Publisher:JHU Press - 2001-04-17


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