Restaurant Adventures: Think or Sink - Do You Have What it Takes?

Restaurant Adventures: Think or Sink - Do You Have What it Takes?

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DONa€™T LET TIME PASS YOU BY KEEP ON DREAMING Opportunity WILL SOON TOUCH YOUR DOORSTEP It all starts out with a dream and the courage to go forward and overcome the obstacles with your passion, being prepared and going forward like a warrior to reach success and the glory that it brings. I have prepared for you a reality check from those that have been there and the adventure of Priscilla and me in the restaurant business. Ita€™s no cake walk so put on your running shoes and go for it. Dona€™t be afraid of failure, the only failure you will regret in life is the failure to pursue your dreams. My interviews took place over a number of years with a variety of entrepreneurs from many walks of life. Youa€™ll enjoy the real life stories as they are informative and entertaining as well. You will benefit from their wisdom as you go forward in your decision to take on the adventure of going into the restaurant business. I met many people while owning my restaurant who told me of their dreams and aspirations of one day owning their own restaurant. Well, somehow I felt a need to open a window of reality for those of you with this dream and passion before you take the plunge. Millions of dollars are lost each year by unfortunate entrepreneurs who are caught up in the glamour and prestige of owning a restaurant only to find they have become another victim in the high fatality rate in the business. It can be an easy business to get into but surviving can be a real challenge. We did it with 17, 000 dollars, almost went out of business, brainstormed, changed direction, moved, took a big risk going from a pizza operation to a full blown Italian restaurant, struggled with increased expenses and more capital infusion I didna€™t anticipate, gave it our all in the menu and the customers loved it. It was an evolution from there and we sailed to success and it was good but like I said, a€œIta€™s no cake walka€ and many will end up with cake on their face. Let me take you to the window of your journey and you decide if ita€™s for you.My profound statement is a€œyour taste buds dona#39;t lie.a€ They know what youa#39;re eating, so it better ... If you keep the word repeat on your brain, you will get your customers coming back to you over and over. Ita#39;s like the Wendya#39;s Jr. creator said, a€œIta#39;sanbsp;...

Title:Restaurant Adventures: Think or Sink - Do You Have What it Takes?
Author:Bill Turiace
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2015-04-30


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