Rethinking the Human Revolution

Rethinking the Human Revolution

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Arising from a conference Rethinking the Human Revolution reconsiders all of the central issues in modern human behavioural, cognitive, biological and demographic origins in the light of new information and new theoretical perspectives which have emerged over the past twenty years of intensive research in this field. The 34 papers cover topics ranging from the DNA and skeletal evidence for modern human origins in Africa, through the archaeological evidence for the emergence of distinctively 'modern' patterns of human behaviour and cognition, to the various lines of evidence for the geographical dispersal patterns of biologically and behaviourally modern populations from their African origins throughout Asia, Australasia and Europe, over the past 60, 000 years.These developments were summarized in much-reproduced diagram, which is presented here as Figure 12.1, ... of complex projectile weaponry systems, perhaps the bow and arrow, even from the earliest MSA ferooks et al. 2005). ... It would be astonishing if a Ford model T of the 1920s had the propulsive and aerodynamic properties of a 2006 Porche Carrera GT. ... and changes in form following the dictates of style independent of function, as evidence for symbolic communication.

Title:Rethinking the Human Revolution
Author:Paul Mellars
Publisher:McDonald Inst of Archeological - 2007


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