Retread Squadron

Retread Squadron

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RETREAD SQUADRON is about an Air National Guard Squadron that is fat and corrupt when the Korean War breaks out. Captain Marshall Stone, the central character, loves flying almost as much as he loves his beautiful wife, Georgie. Through his perception, we see the squadron reshaping into a fighting unit capable of carrying out the dirty missions that the F-84 pilots are ordered to fly in the war. Hanging over all that happens is the conviction that military decisions are being by politicians who are willing to sacrifice the lives of American fighting men and our country's honor to avoid any confrontation with countries that support our enemy. Captain Stone keeps his perspective as he flies dangerous and predictable missions, while at home his marriage is threatened. He focuses his skills on the missions, achieving some glorious moments by flying all out beyond normal limitations when his comrades need help. He comes through these experiences with a clear view of the priorities that can make his life worth living. The squadron, too, survives and triumphs in the end.The white target banner and the tow plane were now below and Ahead of them, a little farther out to sea, riding just below the clear line of the horizon. Marshall dipped his left wing to signal a change to echelon formation. Curly and Fog slid outanbsp;...

Title:Retread Squadron
Author:John Munn
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-08-01


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