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Preface This story is about the tribulations experienced by a typical American family during a one year period. As is often the case, the root cause for the Flynn familya€™s conflict was the sin of passion. Two questions plead for answers. Does a typical family actually exist? By definition, typical means: Conforming to the essential features of a species, group, and class, pattern of action or behavior. Therefore, we can recognize similarities between families but each is atypical because of the unique personalities in each family, and also the diverse circumstances in which they live. We can further assume that no two people will react precisely the same to a given stimulus. A corollary question is: Can a truly unique event occur? By definition, unique means: Being the only one of its kind. A debater could claim uniqueness for any given event because circumstances were slightly different from all similar preceding events, or because the people who participated were unique. After considering those moot questions and counterpoints, one can assume there is nothing new under the sun. Every thought or action that man can initiate has probably occurred sometime during the history of mankind, with only minor circumstantial and personality differences. Therefore, no thought, event or action in an overall sense is totally unique. Conversely, every thought or action can claim uniqueness because of the uniqueness of individuals and their varied reactions to the same stimulus. It is claimed that no two snowflakes are identical, thus possessing uniqueness. Cannot the same be claimed by people? The foregoing is a caveat that actions of the Flynn family in this novel are both typical and atypical as they deal with happenstances that seemingly take control of their fates. Bizarre behavior and highly unusual situations create an intriguing year for the Flynns, with unexpected twists and surprises that border on being unique by any definition. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the authora€™s imagination or are used fictitiously for plot enhancement and reality. Resemblance to actual person, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidentalPotent Signs Garland Ladd. wedging small stones between the ... With a bough of spruce pine, she brushed the entire area to remove her tracks, and to make the area appear as rustic as she found it. Janet filled the four canteens she hadanbsp;...

Author:Garland Ladd
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-07-05


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