Return to Beautiful Skin

Return to Beautiful Skin

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Reclaim the radiant skin you were born withSometimes it seems as if you've tried every product on the market to make your dull, dry, scaly, oily, or acne-prone skin radiant-all to no avail. Some of these products improved your skin slightly-for a time. Others actually made your skin worse. Still others did absolutely nothing at all, except drain your budget.But baby boomers-who are striving to live in harmony with nature, and to age with grace, style, even panache-are demanding more. Return to Beautiful Skin-Naturally is written for this dynamic, groundbreaking generation, and those coming after.Fill with practical, real-world strategies to enhance your skin by using all-natural, nontoxic products, it clears up the mysteries surrounding skin care, opens the way for your to reclaim the radiant skin you were born with, and gives you valuable insights into contemporary skin care products and regimens. Among them:How much our world has been inundated by toxic chemicals, how to identify these toxins in our skin care products, and how to avoid these toxins.How to distinguish between natural products and nontoxic products.How nature and science, working in tandem, can enhance our overall health, our skin, our life, and our planet.How to bring out our inner beauty and age gracefully.Learn al about sun care, how to minimize wrinkles, how to clear up acne at any age, and how to live healthfully to bring out your inner radiance and keep your skin radiant for your entire life.Significant hormonal changes can occur during extreme stress, puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause. For example ... Your skin will be affected if the weather is hot, cold, dry, damp, or humid. Moving to a newanbsp;...

Title:Return to Beautiful Skin
Author:Myra Michelle Eby, Karolyn A. Gazella
Publisher:Basic Health Publications, Inc. - 2008


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