Return to Tybee

Return to Tybee

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Paige Mitchell knew in her heart that her son hadn't deliberately ran from the police. She just didn't know how to prove it. But like most mothers she continued to believe in her son. Her husband moved out of the house after the traffic accident that claimed the life of an Indiana State Policeman. Paige takes you on a journey from the tragic accident unto the judicial system as she had never known it to be. From a landmark law suit that changed the law in Indiana to the way and means of the judicial system. It's an eye opening experience to see what letting a teenager drive a car can do. She shares the mental anguish of the trails and tribulation of her divorce, her mother's death and the death of her first grandchild. It was the love for her son, the determination of her soul and the promise of going back to her childhood home on Tybee Island that got her through the darkest days of her life. Determined to have some closure she finally discovered the truth about the accident and wondered, if the truth had been told during the trail, if their lives could have been spared some of the torment of the experience and possible if her son could have avoided prison.What, for instance, does a person smell like whoa#39;s been drinking Everclear, which is 190 proof? ... of Everclear at 190 proof, and someone who has sipped half an ounce of Gillion is going to smell the same because they both contain alcohol?

Title:Return to Tybee
Author:Annette Bergman
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2003-07-09


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