Reveal the Rockefeller Within!

Reveal the Rockefeller Within!

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Are you a Hammer, a Bundy, a Ford, a Rockefeller, or a Buffett? Hammer blew through a net worth of nearly $30 million in less than ten years and filed for bankruptcy. He has a horrible relationship with money and although he seems to do well to get it, he almost seems to repel it once he gets it so that he HAS nothing. A Bundy lives paycheck-to-paycheck and will never be able to retire. Money is intimidating to him and he doesn't even think about his financial situation other than whether or not he will have enough to pay the bills each month. Ford counted and saved every penny and couldn't enjoy nice things because he was too worried about how much they cost. He never bought a new pair of socks, much less any other luxury. A Rockefeller has a healthy relationship with money. He is able to meet his goals and then feel good about spending the rest of his money without guilt. It takes a conscious effort to change one's money behaviors and make better decisions with money in order to become a Rockefeller. A Buffett is born with money and simply does not face the same daily financial struggle as everyone else. He may make the same mistakes as a Hammer, Bundy, or Ford, but he can afford to make those mistakes. If you give a Hammer a million dollars, he'll spend two million and file for bankruptcy. If you give a Bundy a million dollars, he'll spend a million dollars. A Ford will save that million dollars so that he'll HAVE a million dollars while a Rockefeller will turn that million into two million. A Buffett will take the million without so much as a thank you and he'll complain about the taxes he has to pay on it. I have worked with literally thousands of individual financial situations and in my experience, there is one thing that has stood out...there is not one person that is happy with his or her financial situation; not ONE! Why? In a nutshell, everyone behaves badly with money! No one WANTS to be a Hammer or a Bundy, but when it comes to money, you just BEHAVE badly on a subconscious level. Fortunately, you don't have to BE a Rockefeller, you simply have to ACT like a Rockefeller and the end result will be the same... financial success!Yet, you continue to do the same things, repeating the same patterns, so that in twenty years from now, you still wona#39;t be happy with your financial position! Youa#39; re ... Ignorance is an ugly word, but put very simply, you just dona#39;t know any better !

Title:Reveal the Rockefeller Within!
Author:Christopher Ordway
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2009-03


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