Reversed The Curse

Reversed The Curse

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From what Ia€™ve seen, the best parts of life are always permanently a€œcementeda€ by great moments, flashbacks, so to speak. If youa€™ve read the entire book, youa€™d know that I have a lot of special moments in my life and therea€™s even more that I couldna€™t work into the manuscript. With that being said, this book to me is not only a work of art, but ita€™s also a testament to me and my readers that I pride myself in squeezing the best out of life no matter what the situation. It gives a clear explanation of the choices and decisions I and my generation battle with on a regular basis, and it shows that Ia€™m willing to work as hard as I need to in order to accomplish my goals. Even when the solutions seem outside of the box, Ia€™ll do whatevera€™s necessary to improve or maintain my living conditions. Whether it be for work or for playtime, Ia€™ve found out that if I dona€™t put 100 percent into what Ia€™m doing, Ia€™ll never know how great my accomplishments could be. This book is one of the things in my life that Ia€™m most proud of. Through this book, I was able to explain how much friends and relationships in general can affect your life. This is what makes trusting God even more important. Ia€™ve had several times where Ia€™ve felt like I was in the wrong place or with the wrong people or with people that didna€™t really care as much as theya€™ve led on. But through trusting God and finding some patience, life showed me that I was exactly where he wanted me to be. The love and loyalty my friends and family members have continually showed me is a true testament to that. If I woulda€™ve given up on a few people that I thought about giving up on, I woulda€™ve never known how great a particular relationship or two coulda€™ve turned out to be. So with that being said, my proudest accomplishment in this book is the fact that I have valued the people I was supposed to value the most and that they know Ia€™ve done everything in my power to shield them from lifea€™s hard times as well. The funny part about me falling out with a few people I loved is that if I never had to feel alone, and these friends and family always protected me, I woulda€™ve never known how strong I really was. Luckily for me, God put a lot of people in my life that were honest, intelligent, and sincere, and the bond that Ia€™ve shared with these people alone has made my life worthwhile. But through the trials and tribulations that rested solely on my shoulders, I was able to find my true inner strength. And from what Ia€™ve seen, Ia€™m a pretty strong individual! Still through all of the good and bad, looking at things from my friendsa€™ and family membersa€™ perspective, I was able to see the mistakes that I couldna€™t recognize; I was able to experiment with new ways to live my life better, and I was able to learn to appreciate the different thoughts and gifts that make us all special human beings. So to everyone that holds me down in Cleveland, Atlanta, and abroad, I sincerely love you and always will even after my death. Never forget that. Ia€™ve learned a lot about life in my brief twenty-eight years of existence, and I wish I could share everything Ia€™ve learned with everyone whoa€™s alive. And vice versa, I also wish everyone else could share their learning experiences with me. I think we all have things to teach each other. When youa€™re able to somehow connect the different struggles and paths of totally different people, you can see that our differences are what let us connect the dots, so to speak. In other words, our differences help us learn more about each other and more about life. As a people, I dona€™t think we embrace our differences too well, and thata€™s something we all need to work on as a whole. Unfortunately, we cana€™t undo our past mistakes, but we can take one day at a time to perfect our way of life. I hope that one day, we all can perfect our lives to a level that makes God happy and, at the same time, helps us live life to the fullest. Because certain Christians try to pressure certain beliPeople spend all day trying to get over on you, and then other people who have the power and influence to help dona#39;t mind ... turn$250 in fake money to $600 cash in afew days. ... At the time, policefigured robbers didna#39;t work, so a simple flash of a pay stub would usually end any conversation of robbery with the police.

Title:Reversed The Curse
Author:Ronny Lambert
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-10-14


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