Reyn's Redemption

Reyn's Redemption

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To claim her love, first he must reconcile his pasta€band catch a killer. When firefighter Reyn Erikson returns to the small Louisiana town that branded him a killer, he doesna€™t want trouble. He plans to slip in, help his hospitalized grandmother, and slip out again as silent as smoke. Instead he runs into two unintended flashpoints: his grandmothera€™s plea to find the truth behind his mothera€™s death. And sexy redhead Olivia Crenshaw. Olivia has found evidence that her late father, the former sheriff, suspected Reyna€™s mother was murdered. The truth is still hiding somewhere in this town, and only Reyn can give his grandmothera€”and himselfa€”the peace they both deserve. Since Olivia plans to investigate with or without him, Reyn has little choice. From the start, her tenacity and inner strength earn his respect. Despite her reservations about his priorities, Olivia is irresistibly drawn to the handsome firefighter with a uniform full of medals and a past full of mysteries. The deeper they dig into the past, the more they uncover dark secrets that threaten their sizzling attractiona€”and draw a killer out of hiding.She was hovering over me the whole time I was working on her she knew squat about spark plugs, a€ he grumbled. Oliviaa#39;s mind whirled. ... Why scare the bejeezus out of me and break my windshield?a€ a€œIa#39;ve told you a hundred times, Ia#39;llanbsp;...

Title:Reyn's Redemption
Author:Beth Cornelison
Publisher:Samhain Publishing - 2010-03-02


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