RFID-WSN Integrated Architecture for Energy and Delay- Aware Routing

RFID-WSN Integrated Architecture for Energy and Delay- Aware Routing

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The book identifies the performance challenges concerning Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and analyzes their impact on the performance of routing protocols. It presents a thorough literature survey to identify the issues affecting routing protocol performance, as well as a mathematical model for calculating the end-to-end delays of the routing protocol ACQUIRE; a comparison of two routing protocols (ACQUIRE and DIRECTED DIFFUSION) is also provided for evaluation purposes. On the basis of the results and literature review, recommendations are made for better selection of protocols regarding the nature of the respective application and related challenges. In addition, this book covers a proposed simulator that integrates both RFID and WSN technologies. Therefore, the manuscript is divided in two major parts: an integrated architecture of smart nodes, and a power-optimized protocol for query and information interchange.For the naming scheme based on the value attributes, a range of values is associated with each attribute. Some other choices are also available for attribute -value pair arrangement and naming systems. Somehow, the choice of naming scheme and ... set-up, steady state phases using. 25 2.6 Routing Protocols for WSN.

Title:RFID-WSN Integrated Architecture for Energy and Delay- Aware Routing
Author:Jameel Ahmed, Mohammed Yakoob Siyal, Muhammad Tayyab, Menaa Nawaz
Publisher:Springer - 2015-03-30


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