Rhapsody in Overdrive

Rhapsody in Overdrive

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The price of freedom is getting high. A bored and restless 15-year-old named Floyd Wolf foolishly ingests a powerful psychoactive drug called Blue Horse, but he isn't prepared for the ensuing mental chaos that permanently alters his perceptions. When the coincidental death of his mother further burdens him with a guilt complex the size of Detroit, he leaves home with his pals for California but winds up hitchhiking back across the country alone, searching for peace of mind in a world that seems to be conspiring against him. Only the vague memories of a girl and his formerly happy existence, keeps him putting one foot in front of the other despite his mental malady. In the end, Floyd's paranoia must prove to be either well founded or schizophrenic. Rhapsody In Overdrive chronicles his anguished attempt to go back home again. There's nothing funny about a bad acid flashback, but this psychological adventure story is not without comic relief.A pocket of air has been trapped in his stomach since smoking the better half of a marijuana cigarette on his walk to ... Dona#39;t hotbox it! Floyd snatches his cigarette back. a€œWell, so much for the Class of Sixty Nine. What 2 Rhapsody In Overdrive.

Title:Rhapsody in Overdrive
Author:Gary Peterson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-01-01


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