Rhetorius the Egyptian

Rhetorius the Egyptian

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This book contains the Astrological Compendium of the late Classical astrologer Rhetorius the Egyptian. It contains his Explanation and Narration of The Whole Art of Astrology, and was translated from the Greek by James Herschel Holden, M.A., Research Director of the American Federation of Astrologers. Also included are the treatises by Teucer of Babylon on the Nature of the Signs of the Zodiac and the Nature of the Seven planets. Rhetorius was the last major astrological writer of the Classical period of Greek Astrology.... Cancer to Sagittarius, become 210 years, and the least time of it is from Capricorn to Gemini, 150 years.2 These [years], then, ... We shall take then the sixth of each of the greatest and least times: they become then of the greatest time, of the 210, the sixth is 35; of the least, [of the 150], 25. ... 150 B.C.). Similar instructions appear in Vettius Valens, Anthology, i. 7, and Manilius, Astronomicon , iii. 395-442.

Title:Rhetorius the Egyptian
Publisher:American Federation of Astr - 2009


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