Rhythm, Music, and the Brain

Rhythm, Music, and the Brain

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With the advent of modern cognitive neuroscience and new tools of studying the human brain qlive, q music as a highly complex, temporally ordered and rule-based sensory language quickly became a fascinating topic of study. The question of qhowq music moves us, stimulates our thoughts, feelings, and kinesthetic sense, and how it can reach the human experience in profound ways is now measured with the advent of modern cognitive neuroscience. The goal of Rhythm, Music and the Brain is an attempt to bring the knowledge of the arts and the sciences and review our current state of study about the brain and music, specifically rhythm. The author provides a thorough examination of the current state of research, including the biomedical applications of neurological music therapy in sensorimotor speech and cognitive rehabilitation. This book will be of interest for the lay and professional reader in the sciences and arts as well as the professionals in the fields of neuroscientific research, medicine, and rehabilitation.Psychosocial interventions need to involve not only counseling, but also modeling, behavioral rehearsal, treatment contracting, and full, nonjudgmental acceptance by the therapist. The following guidelines for psychotherapy are offered byanbsp;...

Title:Rhythm, Music, and the Brain
Author:Michael Thaut
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-01-11


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