Richard Ford and the Fiction of Masculinities

Richard Ford and the Fiction of Masculinities

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altbgThis book received the 2010 Enrique Garcia Diez award from AEDEAN (Spanish Association for Anglo-American Studies). altbrg altbrg altIgRichard Ford and the Fiction of Masculinities demonstrates how contemporary U.S. novelist Richard Ford, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for literature, rewrites gender, and in particular masculinity, from highly subversive and innovative perspectives. Josep M. Armengol analyzes the construction, as well as the de-construction, of masculinity in all of Ford's major fictional texts to date, ranging from altIgA Piece of My Heart to altIgThe Sportswriter to altIgThe Lay of the Land. Given its simultaneous critique of traditional masculinity and its depiction of alternative models of being a man, Ford's fiction is shown to be particularly interesting from a men's studies perspective, which aims not only to undermine patriarchal masculinity but also to look for new, non-hierarchical, and more egalitarian models of being a man in contemporary U.S. culture and literature.altBRg By framing Ford's contemporary representations of masculinity within a more general context of American literature, this book reveals how his texts continue along a trajectory of earlier American fiction while they also re-examine masculinity in new, more complex ways. altIgRichard Ford and the Fiction of Masculinities contributes to the much-needed revision of men and masculinities in U. S. literature, and especially Richard Ford's fiction, where constructions of gender and masculinity remain, paradoxically enough, largely unexplored.qFor example, Huey Guagliardo introduces his edition of Perspectives on Richard Ford (2000) by stating that the nine essays in the ... Similarly, most of the articles, book reviews, and interviews included in Huey Guagliardoa#39; s edition of Conversations with Richard Ford (2001) focus on ... For her part, Sophie Majeski asks Ford about the representation of masculinity and gender in Independence Day.

Title:Richard Ford and the Fiction of Masculinities
Author:Josep M. Armengol
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2010


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